All Seasons Real Estate

Hello and Welcome!

The team at All Seasons Real Estate, Realtors®, would like to thank you for stopping by our web site. Several changes have been recently made which should make it more enjoyable to tour the site. As you may be aware, we have recently opened a second office in Oakland (Susquehanna Depot). Stop by either office soon and discuss selling or buying real estate.

We are working hard to get new new listings and we are happy to answer your questions about any of them. All Seasons Real Estate is a member of the National Association of Realtors as well as the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors and very active members of the Scranton Multi-List Service. If we don't have the property listed, we can probably find in in the Multi-List.

If you have a specific need that you do not see a listing for at this time please check back with us soon or contact us by phone, fax or email to let us know your needs. As members of the Multi-List Service, we have access to all listings in Greater Scranton as well as Susquehanna County. If you see a property for sale that we don't have listed, we would be happy to get the information and email, fax, mail, or get you the information in any way which is convenient. If you have questions, please ask. That's why we are here.

To keep in compliance with Pennsylvania State Law, during the initial interview, our agents will be asking you to review and sign the State Real Estate Commission form called "CONSUMER NOTICE". This is not a contract, and states that at the top of the document. However it is an attempt by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to create a better understanding of the available business relationships you as a consumer, can have with us. Our staff have all been instructed to go over this form with you so that you are better informed of your choices in dealing with us (or any other real estate licensee in Pennsylvania). We are required by law to keep a copy of this document available for inspection by the Real Estate Commission so that they know we did our job correctly and you are properly informed.

Before you give any personal information needs to any real estate agent in Pennsylvania, you need to establish a business relationship with that agent. This is for your protection, and is mandated by the Real Estate Commission.

I know all this could sound confusing, but I assure you that our staff will explain it so you understand everything completely. If you still have questions, please contact me at

As always, please feel free to email us with any comments you may have. If you get a chance, check out the pictures page. These pages have old and new scenes around Susquehanna County and Northeastern Pennsylvania.

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